Lanoue Film Arts, the Hollywood East Curators

We love to blog about films here at the Lowell Film Collaborative, and most of the time, it’s about films that we’ve seen or that we’ll be screening in the future. But what about the “behind the scenes” aspect of moviemaking? The things that we as moviegoers may take for granted while we’re enjoying Owen Wilson’s latest escapades or Meryl Streep’s newest groundbreaking performance? One thing that may not immediately come to mind when one is watching a film (except maybe for a Wes Anderson film) is the artwork hanging in the background of the sets or locations. Why was that art chosen?

This would be an excellent question for Susan Lanoue and her husband Mark, a couple with more than 35 years of combined experience in the fields of art and production who decided a few years ago to market themselves as an official art rental company for film, television, and commercial production industries. With the recent boom of film projects originating in New England, this proved to be a smart move. Lanoue Film Arts artwork has since been featured in movies like Fever Pitch, The Women, and this year’s Surrogates, a futuristic sci-fi thriller with Bruce Willis.

As the owners of Lanoue Fine Art, a contemporary art gallery on Newbury Street in Boston, the couple have hundreds of pieces available through the gallery and thousands more online. To all local artists here in Lowell – the LFA welcomes new artist submissions! Guidelines for submitting work are here. Imagine – your original artwork on screen with DeNiro or Nicholson!

Our hats off to Susan and Mark for spotting the opportunity and making it happen. After all, imagine how boring movies would be if the walls in every scene were empty?