Enjoy a short film per day — there’s something for everyone online at “Short Film Fests”

Watch the film short "Zero" online at Short Film Fests!

This curious and highly enjoyable site came to us via Twitter (@LowellFilmGrl) where we delight in meeting new film friends and enthusiasts every day (thanks to all our Tweeps!) One of our fellow Tweeps we’d like to highlight isĀ @ShortFilmFest, because, as their tag line says, there is TRULY a film short for everyone on their site. Watch one film short a day or peruse the site in one sitting and get your fill. Whatever your preference, we know you’ll have a blast discovering the incredible creative talent that exists in the world of the Film Short. The site makes it easy to “Like” and “Share” your favorite films as well — we’re sure these good folks would appreciate all of us spreading the love.

There’s not much info as to how the shorts or curated or how they make it to the site, but no matter. We’re just meant to explore and enjoy!

Visit “Short Film Fests” at www.ShortFilmFests.com.