Vermont International Film Festival


Burlington, Vermont isn’t exactly around the corner, but here at the Lowell Film Collaborative, we’re perfectly willing to drive for 3 1/2 hours to immerse ourselves in a film festival. Just in case you find it worth the drive, too, we’re here to tell you that the 20th Annual Vermont International Film Festival in Burlington looks like a fantastic event.

It started last Friday, October 23, and will continue through this Sunday, November 1. In the spirit of Halloween, there are a couple of spooky films on tap for this weekend (including a personal “must-see”, House of the Devil), but there are also loads of other films, including Orgasm, Inc., which premiered in draft form last year at UMass Lowell, and A Town Called Panic, a French stop-motion animation film that uses only children’s toys as props.

If you prefer art house screenings to Hallow’s Eve screamings, head up to Burlington for the 20th Annual Vermont International Film Festival!