Writer / performer / filmmaker Jim Bianco has us falling in love with black, white, and silent

We’ve been meaning to introduce you to musician Jim Bianco for a while now. We had the pleasure of seeing him live this past May right here in Lowell at the Back Page, a dark, underground space with a warm, inviting vibe. We encourage you to explore Jim’s music, films, and musings on life on earth at JimBianco.com. But for now, we’re going to give you a taste of Jim Bianco the filmmaker. With their charm, humor, and expression, Bianco’s black and white silent shorts had us yearning for Chaplin, Keaton, and those lovable Keystone Kops. Viewing these are a delight, and a glimpse into Bianco’s artistic spirit. We don’t know Jim personally, but we’d sure like to.

Jim Bianco acts up. (Photo by Greg Cohen)

Below are two of our favorite films, Bathtub and Balloon, created by Jim and the lovely Sarah Simon who also co-stars as the consummate damsel, Charlotte Sweeney. Please enjoy, and throw a little support to Jim if you find yourself becoming an ardent fan. His latest CD, “Loudmouth,” was funded entirely by his loyal fan-base, a sure sign that Jim has something really special going on!

– Get to know Jim Bianco – 
Jim Bianco on Facebook and Twitter
Subscribe to Jim’s YouTube Channel
Jim Bianco on MySpace

See Jim Bianco in these two inspiring music documentaries (which we’d love to screen here in Lowell, by the way!):
Map the Music and Sing.

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