Boston Open Screen Moves to Somerville Theater

Somerville Theater

As fans of independent film, we here at the Lowell Film Collaborative can’t help but feel giddy when we hear about a group that actively welcomes any independent filmmakers, and Boston Open Screen is a great case in point.

First started in 2003, Boston Open Screen has fostered an open and democratic exhibition space for local film and filmmakers for several years. Though the venues have changed a couple of times, the spirit of creative comeraderie has remained a constant.

This fall, the venue changes once again as Boston Open Screen moves to the Somerville Theater in uber-bohemian Davis Square. The gist of the group is this – every second Tuesday of the month from September through June, Boston Open Screen props the door wide open for local filmmakers to screen their work, provided the film is less than 10 minutes in length. Doors open at 7 p.m. and filmmakers sign in as they arrive. At 7:30, films begin screening in the order the filmmakers signed up.

This is really a unique opportunity, so if you’ve got a creative spirit, a good idea, and a video camera, this is your chance! For more details on Boston Open Screen, visit their web site at

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