Captain EO: An MJ Memory

(Shared by Suzz C.)
I was never a huge MJ fan, but being a child of the 80s, it was pretty impossible to not be affected by his music and showmanship, even though my musical leanings were more towards glam Brit-pop. But the last several days have brought back a flood of memories of 1988 and the very first time I visited Epcot Center’s Journey Into Imagination. For those of you who know about Captain EO (which debuted in 1986), I hope you appreciate this brief walk down memory lane. 

It’s just another fabulous look at Michael’s incredible ability to evoke emotion in a few minutes time. He did this in his 3-minute music videos, and does it brilliantly in this 18-minute mini-saga. Seeing the beautiful Angelica Huston and the witty, wacky Dick Shawn makes me surprisingly melancholy. 

I couldn’t find a full version of Captain EO — I’m not one to spend much time surfing on YouTube. But for those of you who want to take it in, here is the full short — in TWO PARTS — thanks to a determined YouTuber who did an impressive bit of editing.

It’s MJ at the top of his game, and at the beginning stages of his dramatic and unfortunate physical transformation. I choose to remember him like this … an awkward, shy space hero, paling around with a team of lovable muppet misfits.




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